Enjoy Your New Baby!

Did you know that 83% of new moms are so anxious about their new babies that they fail to enjoy the first two years of their child?

Ok, you got me, I just made that number up! But the struggle is real!

I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it! Mom guilt is a thing!

When my son was born my world became an anxious mess. At first, I thought it was only because my son was a preemie, and needed extra care.

But, as I connected with all moms, I found that we all have 3 things in common:

1. We want what’s best for our babies.

2. We feel guilty because we think that nothing we ever do is good enough.

3. We feel anxious because we don’t know much about being new moms and taking care of babies.

But that’s about to change for you! From pregnancy to toddlerhood, I’m sharing my experience and my research about all things mommy and baby. 

So that you can worry less, and enjoy (truly enjoy, like smell-your-baby’s-head enjoy) being a new mom.

Yes, sleep-deprived and everything!

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