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About Me

Hi there, it’s so good to have you here!

A preemie mom and her preemie boy

Preemie Mom Tips is all about supporting you in your parenting journey. Especially if you’re parenting a preemie miracle. You’ll find tips and tricks on high-risk pregnancy, my secrets on making my toddler eat, all about preemie milestones and development, breastfeeding, and pumping.

If your child isn’t a preemie, you’ll still find all of this information useful as well, so take a look before you leave!

I’m Tere, a stay-at-home mom to a wonderful premature toddler. My boy’s name is Oliver, and he’s a healthy, happy, albeit small, child. But life wasn’t always like this for us.

When I was 20 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, and with Intrauterine Growth Restriction. This wasn’t a happy diagnosis at all, and my baby was called non-viable. We decided to fight for our baby, and boy are we glad we did!

Oliver was born weighing just about 2 lbs (1000 grams), at 31 weeks of gestation after 3 months in hospital bedrest. He then spent 43 days in the NICU and has since overcome a PDA which solved on its own, 2 interventricular holes which solved on their own too, hypertonia which was solved with many months of physical therapy, and a hypospadias which needed surgery.

Being a preemie mom is wonderful, but also scary. If you have a preemie at home or in the NICU, I know you’re strong enough to do this! And you can always come here for support! Just email me or leave a comment in any of our posts! Ollie and I are here for you!



Where to Start?

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If you’re having trouble getting your milk supply up to speed, you can check my Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding in the NICU.

You may also want to share with your friends who want to come visit our Secrets for a Perfect Preemie Visit!

Things we Like to Do

Ollie is a bit like mommy and a lot like daddy. He loves running, going for long walks, playing in the sand, he utterly adores school and loves when mommy plays video games.

We also love going on family trips (who doesn’t!), Christmas, skiing during winter and going to the beach over the summer!

Make yourself at home, and come join us in our Preemie Adventures!


Tere and Ollie!