10 Awesome Traditions to Enjoy Your Baby’s First Halloween

Your baby’s first Halloween is a big deal!

As you know, your baby is learning and experiencing everything since the day she was born. And Halloween is filled with a lot of new experiences!

Your baby’s world is completely new, and Halloween can be a super enjoyable experience for her.

My only rule to enjoy my baby’s first Halloween was to make it fun, not spooky.

Pretty obvious, right?

In fact, we’re getting close to Oliver’s fourth Halloween and we still stay away from all things spooky.

He even gets scared of the store decorations!

You can find it difficult to come up with ideas to celebrate your baby’s first Halloween. After all, you’re still getting used to being a mommy, and your baby is still getting used to being a baby.

I remember being overwhelmed just by our daily routine.

How on earth was I ever going to come up with ways to celebrate that my baby would understand, or even enjoy?

Here are the simple things we did to celebrate our baby’s first Halloween.

And they were a success!

My baby's first Halloween was beyond special thanks to our Halloween family traditions. If you don't know how to celebrate Halloween with your baby check out my top picks for family Halloween traditions
Don't miss out on celebrating your baby's first Halloween! From adorable costumes to my favorite crafts, here are my top 10 ways of enjoying your baby's first Halloween

Choose the Perfect Costume

Are you thinking about your baby’s perfect Halloween costume?

And by perfect I don’t just mean cute, babywear, as you know, has its special traits, and Halloween costumes are no exception.

Your baby’s costume should be:

  • Adequate to the weather, so your baby is not too cold or too hot if you decide to take her on a stroll in costume (and you will want to!)
  • Diaper accessible, you don’t want to completely undress your baby to change a dirty diaper.
  • Safe, of course. It shouldn’t have any loose buttons, pointy accessories, or harm your baby in any way.
  • Super cute!

You can check out the list of my favorite baby costumes in this article.

Plan a Halloween Photoshoot

Take as many pictures as you can!

Your baby’s first Halloween will go by really fast, so, if you can, organize a beautiful photoshoot session to keep the pictures as a beautiful memory.

Tips for your baby's first Halloween: Take lots of pictures

Here are a few tips on organizing your perfect photoshoot session:

  • Make sure the location of the photoshoot is Halloween-themed. Yes, that means pumpkins!
  • Ask advice to your photographer on what to wear.
  • Choose a few different outfits and costumes for your baby, and yourself, if you want to dress up as well.
  • Make sure you bring your baby’s favorite toy!
  • Bring your baby in her happiest moment! She should be full and rested.

Read Halloween Books

I’m a big advocate for the benefits of reading as early as possible to your baby.

I started reading to my son when he was in the womb, and then all through the NICU. Now that he’s 3 years old, he loves books, stories, and asks me to read to him every single day.

If you’re curious, you can check out my list of favorite books to read to your baby while you’re still pregnant.

The Halloween season is no exception, you can read not so spooky Halloween bedtime stories every day for a week before Halloween.

Here are my handpicked Halloween books for babies and toddlers that are super cute and unspooky.

Invite friends over for Indoor Trick or Treat

Candy may be a bit too early for your baby, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to trick or treat!

You can organize an indoor trick or treat party with other babies, and hand over baby snacks, small toys, or milk!

As a bonus, you’ll get to take lots of cute pictures of a lot of babies dressed up in adorable Halloween costumes.

Pro tip: If you have older kids around the house, then an actual trick or treat is a must, but you can still organize an indoor trick or treat party the day before Halloween!

Decorate your House Early

But not too early!

If you decorate your house in the very first days of October, you’ll give your baby more time to experience all these new things.

Baby's first Halloween tips: Decorate your house early

Also, you’ll have more time to take pictures of your baby with Halloween decorations.

You can go as far as dressing up your little one for Halloween as early as possible.

During our baby’s first Halloween, we dressed Oliver in his costume from October 1st almost every day until the actual date.

We had two Halloween costumes, so we could rotate we washed the other one.

This resulted in so many pictures, trips to the mall or to the park to show off his dress, and happy moments that we don’t regret overdoing it.

In fact, we recommend it!

Carve Pumpkins together

I know, you’ve been used to perfect(ish) pumpkins so far, but let your baby in on the Halloween fun!

Let her be present during the pumpkin carving and participate in any way she wants.

Baby's First Halloween Tips: Carving Puimpkins Together

This usually means your baby’s hand and face will get a bit (or a lot!) messy with pumpkin, but it’s all part of the fun!

If your baby isn’t ready for solids yet (or if she is!) you can also use her footprints to decorate the pumpkin.

Make sure to take lots of pictures!

Let your Baby Participate in the Candy Giving

Yes, your baby’s first Halloween is a bit too early to go asking for candy.

But you can show her how to give candy when the neighbors knock on the door!

Participate in the candy giving at Halloween with your baby

Make sure the costumes aren’t scary, have a plate near the door and show your baby all the great costumes and let her actually give them candy.

If you can, take even more pictures!

Paint Gourds

Get messy!

When you’re decorating for Halloween, you can paint gourds with your baby!

Paint gourds with your baby on Halloween.

If she’s too young to paint with their hands, you can imprint her adorable little foot into the gourds.

Since you’ll have the decorations in place early, your baby will have a whole month contemplating her beautiful job!

Baby Halloween Decorations DIY

If you’re looking for more homemade Halloween decorations you can do together in your baby’s first Halloween, here are some great articles:

Celebrate your baby's first Halloween by making homemade decorations.

Make a Photo Album of Your Baby’s First Halloween

As you may have guessed, I love taking pictures.

But there’s one thing I love more than taking pictures, and that’s using them to make a scrapbook!

When Halloween is over, compile your favorite pictures and moments and create a scrapbook of your baby’s first Halloween.

It’ll be the best Halloween present you’ll ever get!

That’s a Wrap

As I always say, the key is that you enjoy this season as much as you can with your baby.

Do the things that you’re comfortable with, and at your own pace. If you don’t like to decorate the first days of October, then forget I ever said anything.

If you’re not a fan of pumpkin carving, then you can always find an alternative.

Don’t feel forced into traditions you’re not comfortable with.

Your baby won’t remember this Halloween, but you will, and you’ll have a nice little scrapbook to show her when she grows up!

So make sure to create memories for you.

Babies grow up so fast, you’ll want to monitor they’re hitting their milestones on time.

Are you celebrating your baby’s first Halloween?

What are your family traditions?

Let me know all about it in the comments below!

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