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10 Awesome Traditions to Enjoy Your Baby’s First Halloween

10 Awesome Traditions to Enjoy Your Baby’s First Halloween

Your baby’s first Halloween is a truly significant milestone!

Your baby embarks on a journey of exploration and discovery since the day they were born. Halloween, rich with novel sensations, contributes to this voyage of firsts!

Your baby’s world is completely new, and Halloween presents an opportunity for delightful engagement.

My only rule to enjoy my baby’s first Halloween was to make it fun, not spooky.

Pretty obvious, right?

Although, I’ll admit, as we approach Oliver’s seventh Halloween, things have taken a turn for the spooky, but they have always been just as fun!

And to think he used to get scared of the store decorations!

You can find it difficult to come up with ideas to celebrate your baby’s first Halloween. After all, you’re still getting used to being a mom, and your baby is still getting used to being a baby.

I remember being overwhelmed just by our daily routine, let alone plan a whole Halloween activity for the baby.

How on earth was I ever going to come up with ways to celebrate that my baby would understand, or even enjoy?

Here are the simple things we did to celebrate our baby’s first Halloween.

And these approaches yielded resounding success!

Halloween traditions for your baby's first Halloween

Choose the Perfect Costume

Are you thinking about your baby’s perfect Halloween costume?

And by perfect I don’t just mean cute, baby wear, as you know, has its special traits, and Halloween costumes are no exception.

Your baby’s costume should be:

  • Weather Appropriate: So that your baby is not too cold or too hot if you decide to take them on a stroll in their adorable costume (and you will want to!)
  • Diaper accessible: The last thing you want is to undress your baby entirely just for a diaper change. Hence, the costume should allow for convenient diaper accessibility.
  • Safe: Naturally, safety comes first. The Halloween costume shouldn’t have any loose buttons, or sharp accessories, or pose any harm whatsoever to your precious baby.
  • Super cute! After all, Halloween is the perfect occasion for your baby to steal the spotlight with their irresistible charm.

You can check out the list of my favorite baby costumes in this article.

Plan a Halloween Photoshoot

Take as many pictures as you can!

Your baby’s first Halloween is bound to whiz by, so seize the moment by organizing a splendid photoshoot to freeze the moment.

Tips for your baby's first Halloween: Take lots of pictures

Here are a few tips on organizing your picture-perfect photo shoot:

  • Set the scene: Let the spirit of Halloween infuse your photoshoot location – think pumpkins, cobwebs, and eerie charm!
  • Seek Professional Input: Consult your photographer for attire recommendations that resonate with the theme and setting.
  • Outfit Array: Choose a few different outfits and costumes for your baby, and consider joining in the fun with a themed ensemble of your own.
  • Bring that toy: Don’t forget to bring your baby’s treasured toy, adding a touch of comfort and familiarity to the shoot.
  • Timing is Key: Opt for a moment when your baby is the most comfortable– well-fed and well-rested. This will result in radiant expressions and contagious giggles.

Read Halloween Books

I’m a big advocate for the benefits of reading as early as possible to your baby.

I started reading to my son when he was in the womb, and then all through the NICU. Now that he’s 7 years old, he loves books, and stories, and reads every single day.

If you’re curious, you can check out my list of favorite books to read to your baby while you’re still pregnant.

The Halloween season is no exception, In fact, the days leading up to Halloween present an ideal opportunity to indulge in a week-long series of gently eerie bedtime stories. You can read not-so-spooky Halloween bedtime stories every day for a week before Halloween.

Here are my handpicked Halloween books for babies and toddlers that are super cute and unspooky.

Sweet Delights Await— Trick or Treating, Baby Style!

While candy might not be on the menu just yet for your little pumpkin, the excitement of trick-or-treating is still very much within reach – no tricks, all treats!

Picture this: an enchanting indoor trick-or-treat party, starring your baby as the guest of honor. Imagine the joy of sharing baby-friendly snacks, dainty toys, or a soothing sip of milk as the ultimate treat.

As a bonus, you’ll get to take lots of cute pictures of a lot of babies dressed up in adorable Halloween costumes. By inviting fellow baby friends to join in the fun, you’re creating a delightful Halloween celebration, full of giggles and adorable costumes that are bound to melt hearts and light up your camera roll.

If your household includes older siblings itching for a classic trick-or-treat adventure, fear not! You can still have this charming indoor trick-or-treat baby gala a day before Halloween, this way, every member of the family gets their dose of Halloween enchantment.

Decorate your House Early

But not too early!

If you decorate your house in the very first days of October, you’ll give your baby more time to experience all these new things.

Baby's first Halloween tips: Decorate your house early

Also, you’ll have more time to take pictures of your baby with Halloween decorations.

You can go as far as dressing up your little one for Halloween as early as possible.

During our baby’s first Halloween, we dressed Oliver in his costume from October 1st almost every day until the actual date.

We had two Halloween costumes, so we could rotate we washed the other one.

This resulted in so many pictures, trips to the mall or to the park to show off his dress, and happy moments that we don’t regret overdoing it.

In fact, we recommend it!

Carve Pumpkins together

I know, you’ve been used to perfect(ish) pumpkins so far, but let your baby in on the Halloween fun!

Let her be present during the pumpkin carving and participate in any way she wants.

Baby's First Halloween Tips: Carving Puimpkins Together

This usually means your baby’s hand and face will get a bit (or a lot!) messy with pumpkin, but it’s all part of the fun!

If your baby isn’t ready for solids yet (or if she is!) you can also use her footprints to decorate the pumpkin.

Make sure to take lots of pictures!

Let your Baby Participate in the Candy Giving

Yes, your baby’s first Halloween is a bit too early to go asking for candy.

But you can show her how to give candy when the neighbors knock on the door!

Participate in the candy giving at Halloween with your baby

Make sure the costumes aren’t scary, have a plate near the door and show your baby all the great costumes and let her actually give them candy.

If you can, take even more pictures!

Paint Gourds

Get messy!

When you’re decorating for Halloween, you can paint gourds with your baby!

Paint gourds with your baby on Halloween.

If she’s too young to paint with their hands, you can imprint her adorable little foot into the gourds.

Since you’ll have the decorations in place early, your baby will have a whole month contemplating her beautiful job!

Baby Halloween Decorations DIY

If you’re looking for more homemade Halloween decorations you can do together in your baby’s first Halloween, here are some great articles:

Celebrate your baby's first Halloween by making homemade decorations.

Make a Photo Album of Your Baby’s First Halloween

As you may have guessed, I love taking pictures.

But there’s one thing I love more than taking pictures, and that’s using them to make a scrapbook!

When Halloween is over, compile your favorite pictures and moments and create a scrapbook of your baby’s first Halloween.

It’ll be the best Halloween present you’ll ever get!

That’s a Wrap

As I always say, the key is that you enjoy this season as much as you can with your baby.

Do the things that you’re comfortable with and at your own pace. If you don’t like to decorate the first days of October, then forget I ever said anything.

If you’re not a fan of pumpkin carving, then you can always find an alternative.

Don’t feel forced into traditions you’re not comfortable with.

Your baby won’t remember this Halloween, but you will, and you’ll have a nice little scrapbook to show her when she grows up!

So make sure to create memories for you.

Embrace the spirit of Halloween, tailored perfectly for your littlest boo – with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of imagination, it’s treats, laughs, and adorable memories all around!

If you’re looking for more Halloween articles, you can check out my Halloween parenting guide!

Babies grow up so fast, you’ll want to monitor if they’re hitting their milestones on time.

Are you celebrating your baby’s first Halloween?

What are your family traditions?

Let me know all about it in the comments below!