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9 Books to Read to Your Unborn Baby

9 Books to Read to Your Unborn Baby

Reading aloud to your baby in the womb is an amazing way of bonding between you, your baby, and your husband. But, sometimes, reading aloud can be downright awkward. These 9 books to read to your unborn baby will ease the awkwardness and kickstart some loving family memories!

During the first trimester of my pregnancy, I found myself reading to my baby whatever books I was reading.

Soon, they started to seem inappropriate. I decided to expand my library with a few titles intended to read during pregnancy, and I never looked back.

Choosing the right books to read to your unborn baby is a defining step in the quality time you will spend with your family.

Reading is also a fun, stimulating, and easy way to get others involved with your pregnancy.

Having my husband read to our baby before we chose these books was nearly impossible! But, after he heard me reading baby books he was much more into it and soon was reading to our baby in the womb on a daily basis.

Without further ado, here are my top 9 books to read to your unborn baby.

Start reading to your baby in the womb with these 9 lovely books for your unborn baby to recognize your voice and soothe himself or herself in the uterus

Reading books is the perfect boding time for your pregnancy! Here's a cute list of books to read aloud to your unborn baby! These books to read to your unborn baby. These books are super cute, and perfect for the mommy and daddy to be to read aloud to your little miracle! Don't miss out on reading these wonderful books to your baby in the womb! Your little miracle will get used to mom and dad's voice form early on! It's also a perfect baby shower gift for mom-to-be's These 9 books to real aloud to your unborn baby during pregnancy are perfect for creating magical moments when your pregnant!

#1 Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go! by Trisch Rabe

As a fan of Dr. Seuss myself, I didn’t know which of Seuss’ books to pick. So, I went ahead and purchased this amazing  Seuss’ compilation, which has a bit of everything!

As it is the tradition with Dr. Seuss books, it comes with beautiful rhymes to get you and your baby excited about all the wonderful moments that are coming!

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#2 Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch

A classic, all-time favorite. Although not specific to babies in the womb, Love you Forever is endearing, sweet, deep, melancholic, happy, and a little bit messy.

Just like motherhood.

Your baby will be hearing how much you love her from before she’s even born, as this book is just that: Moms loving our babies!

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#3 When God Made You, by Matthew Paul Turner

This is a wonderful and sweet story of how your baby is exactly what the world needs.

It’s a must-have in every mom-to-be library, and one of the dearest books to read to your unborn baby.

This book talks about God in ways that children can understand. It talks about a loving relationship between God and all of his children.

Pro tip: If you have older children, this is the perfect book for them to read to their unborn siblings.

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#4 Can’t Wait to Show You: A Celebration for Mothers-to-Be, by Jacqueline Boyle

This award-winning book is another must-have in your library of books to read to your unborn baby! It’s a book about the magical time of bringing your little one into the world.

When your baby is older, you’ll get to tell him or her of the many times you read this book, and hopefully, your child will know how much you loved him ever since before he was even born!

Additionally, this book is round shaped so it will fit snugly in your pregnant belly. How cute is that!

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#5 Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here! A Word from your Baby-in-Waiting, by Barbara Park 

I bet you’re already smiling! You can guess what this book it’s about.

And yes. It’s super sweet and hilarious!

The story of a baby who is super bored in his mom’s womb. There’s nothing to do but pull on her bungee cord, after all, there are “No puppies. No toys. No girls…zero boys. Not a sandbox or swings…Or those monkey bar things. Not a park or a zoo.”

Pro Tip: This is a great book for older siblings to read aloud, too! Or for you to read them to your unborn child and your older sibling for bolding time!

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#6 Welcome Little One, by Sandra Magsamen

I LOVE this book.

It has a small bit of personalization to input your baby’s name, weight, and birth details! Making it a beautiful keepsake as well as a sweet story of motherly love!

Any book that starts with “On the day you were born, it was love at first sight…” melts me from the very first phrase!

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#6 Nine Months in my Mommy, Autobiography of an Unborn Baby, by Carole Marsh

This is another of my top books to read to your unborn baby.

It’s the perfect bonding opportunity between you, your husband, and your baby.

If your husband reads to your baby as well as you, your newborn will immediately recognize his dad’s voice, and try to turn her head to face daddy!

The book goes about the unborn baby trying to understand the inputs from the real world. It’s a cute reminder of how babies int he womb constantly hear mommy’s voice, as the unborn baby in the story tries to figure out what’s mommy’s saying!

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#8 Here’s the Reason God Made Me, by Mikal Kieffer and Paula Becker

If you thought this list couldn’t get any cuter, think again!

“Here’s the Reason God Made Me” highlights the love of a child to her parents.

It’s parenthood the other way around.

Your heart will swell and fill with images of your baby giving you hugs, sitting in your lap, or singing!

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#9 Baby Beluga, by Raffi and Ashley Wolff

Yup! It’s a book about a song. You can read it or sing it!

I adore this song, it’s so catchy and sweet. But I’m a terrible singer.

I did try to sing-read this book a couple of times though, I settled later for reading it.

It was a fun and loving time for my husband, my unborn baby, and me!

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That’s a Wrap

There you have it!

Most of these books focus on the feelings of parenting, and, though later they’ll make a great addition to your baby’s bookshelf, they are intended for the parents to bond with their unborn baby.

If you’re looking for books to read to your babies and toddlers, you can check out my all-time favorites by clicking here.

Of course, I read Harry Potter a lot to my unborn baby, too.

But I kept it for baby’s and mommy’s bonding time only.

Do you agree with my list?

What books do you like reading to your baby in the womb?

Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Start reading to your baby as soon as possible... Yes! While in the womb! Check out these 9 beautiful books every pregnant mom should read her unborn baby! Start reading to your baby as early as possible! These 9 books to read aloud to your baby in the womb are perfect for early stimulation! Reading is an important part of your baby's development, and hearing mom and dad's voices stimulates your baby ever since she or he is in the womb! Start early with these 9 perfect books to read to your baby... while you're pregnant!

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