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Cloth Diapers 101: A Practical Mom Guide to Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapers 101: A Practical Mom Guide to Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapers have been a growing trend among modern moms.

However, being a new mom in a cloth diaper world can be intimidating. Sure, it’ll save you money. Yes, it’s eco-friendly., and all that jazz.

But how do you even start using a cloth diaper?

Are they really that difficult to wash? And how many types are there?

Check out my ultimate cloth diaper guide for all the answers!

Pros of Using Cloth Diapers

What are the pros of using cloth diapers?

Cloth Diapers are Eco-friendly

Your diapers will grow with your baby.

Indeed, you won’t need to buy different sizes as your little one grows to toddlerhood.

Additionally, if you’re planning on having more babies, you can reuse the same cloth diaper stash.

They are budget-friendly

Think of all the money you’ll save on diapers!

Just for the first year of your baby’s life, you’re expected to spend around 2000$ on disposable diapers.

However, by switching to cloth diapers you’ll be spending around 500$, saving the big bucks!

Again, if you’re planning on having more children, this investment can pass on to your first born’s siblings. Basically bringing down the cost of diapering to under 100$.

Cons of Using Cloth Diapers

Learn about the pros and cons of cloth diapers

Cloth diapering has a steeper learning curve than disposable diapering

The first time I heard about modern cloth diapering I thought about my grandma, and how difficult she says it used to be when my mom was a baby.

But times have changed. And cloth diapering is much easier than how it used to be. It’s practical and easy…

Once you get the hang of it.

The truth is that there’s much to learn with cloth diapering. And that can overwhelm new parents.

Cloth Diapers are less absorbent

Although blowouts and accidents can happen with both disposable and reusable diapers, you will need to change your cloth diaper more often.

This will also increase laundry time since you’ll need to wash your diapers daily.

Types of Cloth Diapers

Learn all about the types of cloth diapers

Flats & Prefolds

These type of cloth diapers are the least expensive on their own. They are also the original cloth diapers, used for generations.

The flat cloth diapers are a big, rectangular piece of cloth, and the prefold ones are smaller and preswen into three sections.

Although inexpensive, you’ll also need to buy cloth diaper covers, and extra snaps to keep them in place, especially at night.

Pocket Cloth Diapers

The pocket cloth diapers have a waterproof exterior shell and a pocket to introduce absorbent, reusable inserts.

Pocket cloth diapers have the advantage that you can adjust the absorbent capacity by the inserts you stuff inside the pocket. Making it a good option for night time!


Fitted cloth diapers have snaps or velcro that closes around the waist and elastic leg openings.

Since they fit better, they are a good option to prevent leakage.

However, you will need to get reusable waterproof covers, and they won’t dry as quickly as pocket diapers because they have more layers.

All in One

These are the easiest ones to use, as the name suggests, everything is sewn together in one diaper.

You just need to put the on, and off!

It’s a good choice for caregivers and on-the-go changes.

Even if you’re not planning on using these as your main choice, it’s a good thing to have a few to use in more practical situations.


Hybrids are very similar to all in ones, but they have a waterproof cover with removable inner insert.

You’ll just need to swap inserts during changing time, and as long as there was no leakage into the shell, you’ll be able to reduce your laundry pile!

They are also a cost-friendly option because you’ll need to buy fewer covers than with the all-in-ones.

How to Wash Cloth Diapers

Learn about how to wash cloth diapers

As soon as you remove a soiled diaper, rinse it. (linings and shell, if there’s leakage into the shell).

You don’t want to clean dry poop out of it!

Speaking of poop, check out my Baby Poop 101 Guide to Frequency, Color, and Consistency!

After rinsing, dump diapers and inserts in a diaper pail.

Once you’ve piled up enough laundry for a load, toss the whole thing in your washing machine (diaper pail included!).

Make sure the inserts are separated from the diapers.

If your cloth diaper has velcro, close the velcro before tossing it in the laundry machine. This is because the velcro could waste and damage your other diapers.

Once everything is in the washing machine, make sure to use a baby laundry detergent.

These detergents are free from enzymes, dyes, brighteners, and fragrance. Additionally, avoid softeners and bleach.

All of these chemicals will waste your diapers and inserts faster!

Optionally, you can soften your cloth diapers by adding balls of wool in the washing machine.

Once the diapers are clean, you can dry them in the sunlight, or use a drying machine at a low heat to prevent any damage to the elastics.

Best Cloth Diapers And Accessories of 2020

If you want to know how to stock up on cloth diapers and complete your baby checklist, make sure you read my Ultimate Baby Checklist here.

Best Budget Bundle

Baby Cloth Pocket Diaper Kit

What’s inside:

  • 7 Diapers
  • 7 Bamboo Inserts
  • A Wet Bag

Why I love it!

These cloth diapers will grow with your baby! They are good from 10 lbs to 35 lbs.

The inserts are soft and super absorbent.

The leg elastics are durable and effective to prevent leaks.

They are easy to use and wash!

Best Overall

ALVABABY Cloth Diapers

Why I love it!

The inserts can be used as both a pocket and an all in one diaper for extra absorption.

The high-quality elastic bands are anti-leakage.

They can fit babies from 6.6 to 33 pounds, making them a one size fits all investment.

The patterns are super fun and colorful!

Best for Swimming

I Play Absorbent Swimming Diaper

Why I love them!

They are easy, all-in-one diapers to forget about the hassle and have fun under the sun.

It’s anti-leakage, which is difficult to find in swimming cloth diapers.

They come in cute designs!

They fit snugly and are easy to slide on.


Spray Pal and Sprayer

The spray pal is designed to use and install on your toilet, it’s easy to install and to use

The shield is collapsible and won’t take much space in your bathroom, it will make the process of rinsing the poop much easier and effective.

Washable Diaper Pail

You’ll need a washable pail to put your cloth diapers in after every use.

This one, in particular, has a high-quality elastic band and is machine washable.

Baby Laundry Detergent

Keep your cloth diapers soft and clean with a baby detergent free of chemicals.

As a plus, you can use it for your baby’s clothes as well!

Tips for Cloth Diapering Mamas

Tips for cloth diapering mamas

Choose Convenience

Use any combination of cloth diapers that are more practical for you and your baby.

Think of your routine, caregivers, laundry space, and outings to make the best cloth diapering scenario fitted for your needs.

A mess can always happen

No matter if you’re using a cloth or disposable diaper, a blowout can always happen, and cleaning it will always be challenging.

Most parents associate cloth diapers with messes, but using disposable diapers won’t guarantee a clean experience.

Change your baby frequently

Cloth diapers tend to decrease diaper rashes because they have fewer chemicals than disposable diapers, and are easier to the skin.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready at all times to clean a messy diaper.

You can mix with disposable diapers if you need to

I get it, you want to go 100% cloth diapering.

But while you master the craft, consider mixing your strategy to add disposable diapers, especially during outings, or at night time.

That’s a Wrap

Hopefully by now you have a more clear understanding of cloth diaper care.

It all comes down to adjusting them to your routine and needs, and lean on the benefits.

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Check our the new mom guide to cloth diapers! Go eco, practical, and natural about cloth diapering your new baby!
Learn all about cloth diapers! What are the pros and cons, how to go about cloth diapering for babies, and what are the best tips for new moms!

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