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Date Night at Home Ideas: 21 Ways to Have a Perfect Romantic Evening!

Date Night at Home Ideas: 21 Ways to Have a Perfect Romantic Evening!

You don’t need to go somewhere fancy to have the perfect evening with your loved one! You can just try one of these date night at home ideas to get your evening started!

Ah! How couples evolve! My husband and I used to love going to the movies or having dinner someplace new every so often.

Then our son came along, and for a while, we forgot why we used to have dates in the first place. I mean, why would we ever want to go through the excruciatingly guilty experience of separating ourselves from our little miracle, right?

It’s a pretty common thing that new parents forget about dating. I mean, we vaguely knew why we did it, and we were too tired to figure things out.

When we started dating again, there were many things that were a bit rusty (but we were happily rediscovering). What do you say to your husband during a date? What should you do? Should you dress up at all?

We used to joke about having to make some time for a conversation between grown-ups every once in a while, and then when it finally happened… we’d talk about diaper changing schedules!?

Of course, we did get the hang of it, and we improved our dating by… dating at home!

We now have dates every weekend. Of course, we still go out on dates once a month, but having a little time for us once a week has had many benefits for our relationship.

So, without further ado, let’s talk dating!

Busy mom? Don't worry, dating can be whatever you want it to be... yes! Even with kids around! check our these 21 dating ideas at home to bring your marriage to a whole new level! Check out these amazing 21 dating ideas, especially designed for busy parents! Keep the spark alive, even after having babies!

Keep the spark of your marriage alive after kids! Check out these creative, fun, and engaging ideas for moms and dads who are always busy!

After having a baby, your relationship needs to be as strong as ever, make sure you always have time for your loved one with these date night at home ideas for super busy new parents!

Busy parents? Don't worry! Check out these 21 amazing date night at home ideas for busy parents! And keep the spark of your relationship alive!

You don't need to go somewhere fancy to have the perfect date. You can have the best date ever from your cozy living room! Try these 21 date night at home ideas tailored for parents of small kids, and never miss a chance to dote on your spouse again!
Try these 21 date night at home ideas and have the perfect romantic setting for you and your partner! Tailored to fit all couple and schedules, re-spark the romance today! Don't miss out on the perfect date with your loved one! Try these 21 date night at home ideas, and spark the romance today! Are you short on time? Do you have babies or toddlers at home? Dating can get difficult as our relationship matures, but dating as often as possible has many benefits for your relationship and your family. Don't miss out on those benefits by trying out these 12 date night at home ideas! Get a healthy space for you and your partner after the kids are asleep with these 21 date night at home ideas that will surely strengthen your relationship Any day can be Valentine's day, and there's plenty of ways to have the perfect evening at home with your loved one! Don't miss out on these budget-friendly, time-friendly date night at home ideas!

Why is Dating so Important, Anyway?

This all may sound like stating the obvious, but there are some things that need to be said!

Because when we are parents, it’s easy to forget why did we ever got on dates before having kids.

After all, you have a strong, meaningful relationship. Don’t you?

Your kids just make your relationship stronger. Don’t they?

So, why would you want to get some quality children-free time with your partner, anyway? 

Well, there are reasons.

And pretty important ones, at that.

Dating Helps You Plan Ahead

There’s no better time to put together a family plan than during a date.

It’s the excitement of the future paired with the romantic momes of the present. You can get real and talk about what you want to do and why.

These are things that are important but fall out of our daily routines.

I mean, we don’t plan the year ahead every day, putting our heads together and thinking what’s best for our family.

But we do need to plan things at one point or another.

That’s one of the wonderful things about dating, it can be the perfect timing for you to plan what’s coming for your family!

You don't need to go somewhere fancy to have the perfect date. You can have the best date ever from your cozy living room! Try these 21 date night at home ideas tailored for parents of small kids, and never miss a chance to dote on your spouse again!

Dating Improves the Communication Between You and Your Partner

Have you tried having an adult conversation with your kid around?

And, for that matter, is it possible for you to talk to your partner at all with your toddler nearby?

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? You look into each other’s eyes trying to say things without saying it.

It can be boring stuff, like talking bills, or just talking about work. But we don’t want to melt down over something at work in front of our kids, so we rush the conversations after the kids are sleep, talking in hushed whispers and very fast until we fall exhausted after the day’s events.

One of the things that dating periodically can do for you is providing a space where you can just have an adult conversation. 

You’ll be amazed at how much more aligned you’ll be as a couple after just one date. Even in the daily stuff like raising your kids!

Going on Dates Enhances Your Intimacy

Of course, it does!

This is again, stating the obvious. But think for a moment of how you came to be together as a strong couple…

You guessed it! You got to know your other half pretty well through your moments of intimacy. Promoting that can only bring good stuff!

You and your family are a unit, but the ones in charge need to know each other pretty well to keep it that way.

My family wouldn’t be complete without my son. But having more alone time with my husband has brought us together in our day-to-day life.

I can tell just by his tone what he’s going to say, and if he gets upset I’m in a better position to understand why (even if he’s not right).

I’m sure you also have a close relationship like this. But think about how much you’ve both changed over the past year. 

By continually dating you’re getting to know the person your partner is becoming, as he or she is changing!

Dating is a Mutual Stress Reliever for the Couple

You get out of your daily routine and for a few hours (or a few days), and you don’t have to think about school, chores, work, the kids, the meal plan…

Only that’s un-stressful enough, but add a few drops of love and you’re coming back from your date good as new!

Even if it’s a home-date. It’s all about getting into the right (romantic) mindset!

Dating Do’s

A few pointers to get you in the Dating Mindset!

You don't need to go somewhere fancy to have the perfect date. You can have the best date ever from your cozy living room! Try these 21 date night at home ideas tailored for parents of small kids, and never miss a chance to dote on your spouse again!

  • Forget about the outside world as much as possible.
  • Talk about what’s worrying you.
  • Cuddle with each other and have some intimate moments.
  • Have fun!

Dating Don’ts

  • Talk all the time about work, the kids, or your chores.
  • Use your Phone, though you may need it to some extent, try to avoid using it as much as you can.
  • Let the guilt overwhelm you and stop you from having a good time! I’m not saying “Don’t feel guilty” because as parents we feel guilty most of the time, I’m saying: “Feel guilty if you need to, but have fun anyway!
  • Argue. Avoid arguing at all costs.

Top 21 Date Night at Home Ideas

Here are 21 things you can do on a date night at home!

#1 Cook Dinner Together: Or any meal for that matter! Find a recipe you really want to try out and get messy in the kitchen! You can even batch cook for the week and make the most out of your date! Or, you could spice things up by wearing only an apron!

You don't need to go somewhere fancy to have the perfect date. You can have the best date ever from your cozy living room! Try these 21 date night at home ideas tailored for parents of small kids, and never miss a chance to dote on your spouse again!

#2 Movie Night: We love the classics! a movie night is one of our favorite date night at home ideas! It doesn’t need to be a romantic movie, just any movie that you both want to watch… but with wine and popcorns! 

#3 Play a Board Game: it can be any board game you enjoy. My hubby and I particularly like Trivia Pursuit, Monopoly, Cards, and Dominoes. But we won’t say no to trying that new board game with complicated rules.

#4 Dance! Turn on the music and turn your living room into a dance floor. Oh, and don’t forget to dim the lights! You can go even further and sign up for a dancing lesson together… and practice it at home!

#5 Make a Scrapbook Together: Make a scrapbook with your spouse about your adventures together! It’ll make both a fun, romantic, and entertaining date, and a keepsake!

#6 Make a Craft Together: Get messy! Make a craft together, if you need ideas you can check this post filled with awesome ideas!

#7 Have an indoor/backyard camping night: Bring the outdoorsy… indoorsy! Have a camp night out in your living room, with a tent (or sheets over chairs fort-style!), sleeping bags, marshmallows in the chimney, and the occasional horror story with wine…romance much?

#8 Do a Puzzle Together: Did you know that some games promote social interaction? Has it happened to you that you start building a puzzle and out of the blue you’re talking your heart out? Sounds like a perfect conversation starter for your date night at home!

#9 Paint: What does a brush, some pains, and a blank canvas have in common? That they can be used for couple painting in dates! Want to make it interesting? Birthday suit up for the occasion! 

#10 Have a Candlelight Dinner: Classic! But it never gets old! Order takeaway, or cook at home, and prepare a delicious meal at home. Light some candles and you’re good to go!

#11 Have a Fondue or a Raclette: Few things scream romance louder than melted cheese, or melted chocolate! Have a nice conversation while enjoying a fondue, or a raclette for a healthier choice!

#3 Have a Home-Made SPA: Foot massage, bubble bath, relaxing music, candles, it does sound perfect, doesn't it?

#12 Have a Home-Made SPA:  I’m talking foot massage, bubble bath, relaxing music, and candles. The whole set! It does sound perfect, doesn’t it?

#13 Have a Video Game night! One of our favorite date night at home ideas! However, a word of warning, we get so competitive! (But it’s super fun!)

#14 Stargazing: I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s a romantic classic for a reason! Confession time: I got my hubby a star named after him for his first birthday together. We have made a habit of finding his star ever since. And we love make fun patterns in the stars (we don’t know any constellation names yet, though)

#15 Have a Champagne & Cheese Tasting Party: Sounds delicious? It’s going to be even better with your partner with you!

#16 Have a Private Photo-shoot: Make it extra spicy, why not set up the photo session at home you’ve always wanted, done by yourselves? Get the props, dress (or undress) for the occasion and take unforgettable beautiful pictures!

#17 Have a Karaoke Night: Sing to your heart’s content! You don’t need to have a microphone, but you do need to be willing to have fun!

#18 Talk About Your Yearly Goals: Plan ahead your near future. What are you expecting this year? A vacation? Or maybe you want a car or a house? Jot it down! And talk about how you are going to achieve your goals!

#19 Engage in Role-Playing: Role playing can be so intimidating a first, but it’s actually super healthy for relationships! You can read about it here. What better moment to overcome your fears than on your date night!

#20 Have Breakfast in Bed: Ok, so maybe not a date night at home idea, but definitely a date day idea! You can leave everything ready the night before. Then get a couple of breakfast trays, and simply have breakfast in bed!

#21 Surprise Your Spouse by Doing Something You’ve Never Dared To Do: You know what it is! That something your partner really wants to do but you’re too embarrassed to do? Well, go ahead and do that! Don’t tell your partner, though, so you can make it a surprise! 

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That’s a Wrap

So what do you think? Have you tried one of these date night at home ideas? 

How have your dating rituals changed over the years? Let us know in the comments below!

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Keep the spark of the romance alive while being a new mom isn't exactly easy. Find out how to surprise your partner with these easy, DIY, date night at home ideas for busy and exhausted new parents