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Egg Carton Craft for Kids: Flowers with Flower Pot

Egg Carton Craft for Kids: Flowers with Flower Pot

Here’s a beautiful, easy egg carton craft flower for kids that will keep them busy, boost their creativity, and it’s a beautiful decoration and the perfect gift for moms!

All you’ll need are materials you probably have around the house, a few recycled items, and a lot of imaginations!

I did these with my son, and he loved it. Being a preschooler, he painted the flowers and helped me by decorating the flower pot and the stem.

However, I did the parts involving a hot glue gun for safety.

If you want your child to do most of the steps, you can always use school glue, it’ll hold perfectly fine, but you’ll need to wait for it to dry before moving on.

So, without further ado, let’s check out all the steps involved in this egg carton craft!

What You’ll Need to Make a Flower Egg Carton Craft

Let’s get the materials ready and set up our workspace to craft these flowers!

Most of these materials are just suggestions since you can always try different things.

For instance, we used green raffia to create the stem, and green felt paper for the leaf, but you can use plain green paint and construction paper if you prefer!

Materials to Make a flower Egg carton craft for kids

Here’s the list of materials we used:

Egg Carton for the flowers: Use any clean recycled egg carton, you’ll need around ten individual egg cups, so a 12 egg carton should do the trick.

Toilet paper roll for the flower pot: Your good old toilet paper carton tube has the perfect size and height to serve as a flower pot.

Popsicle sticks for the stems: Again, they have the perfect height and can support the egg carton flowers without deforming.

Burlap ribbon: We used burlap to decorate the flower pot, could also use paint, construction paper, or simply markers!

Green Raffia Ribbon: For the stem, you can also replace this with green paint, we went with the green raffia because rolling the ribbon around the popsicle helps our preschooler with his pre-writing skills.

Green felt paper: For the leafs.

Washable Paint: Although you may need to paint a few layers to achieve a vibrant color, we always go for washable paint as opposed to acrylic to protect our son’s clothes.

Assorted beads and Assorted confetti: You can use whatever spare craft materials you have lying around to decorate the inside of the flowers, we used assorted beads and assorted confetti.

Hot Glue Gun: My crafty friend! I love my small hot glue gun because it’s super practical and warms up and cools down very fast.

Scissors: If they have rounded edges it’s better for child safety! Although we don’t let our 4 year old near a scissor unattended, we do encourage him cutting stuff when we are around to supervise!

Separating Egg Cups

Egg carton flower craft for kids. Step 1. Separate each individual egg cup.

Using a clean egg carton, separate each egg cup carefully using scissors.

You will need two individual egg cups for each flower, so make sure you have all you need.

In this example, we used ten individual egg cups to make five egg carton craft flowers.

If you’re using a toilet paper roll flower pot as I suggest, five flowers will fit snugly into the pot, so it’s the perfect number!

Cutting Egg Cups in Patterns

Flower egg carton craft for kids. Step 2. Cut individual flower patterns into each individual cup.

Carefully cut each individual egg cup into flower patterns.

Get creative and cut as many patterns as you want to!

Two patters will join to create one flower, the smaller one will go above the bigger one so that the big petals can be seen from above.

Easy egg carton flower step 2. Two flower patterns will make one flower.

As you cut the patterns, join them together to make sure they combine to make the flower.

Egg carton craft flower step 2, try different patterns to create different flowers.

Try different designs!

The smaller part usually retains the curve of the egg cup, since the petals aren’t cut all the way to the center.

Egg carton flower step 2. Make more flowers!

Painting Egg Cups

Easy egg carton craft flower for kids, paint each individual pattern and wait for them to dry.

After you’ve cut each individual egg cup, paint them in vibrant colors.

You can copy these patterns or create your own, here there are 5 small egg cups and 5 large ones.

My preshcooler helped by painting these, and was very proud of the result!

Easy egg carton craft flower for kids. Step 3. Glue the egg carton flowers together to create the flower petals.

Once they are dry, glue them together with a hot glue gun and you’ll have the petals of the flowers.

Building the Stem

Easy egg carton flower craft for kids. step 4. Decorate the stem and add the leaf.

You can build the stem in many different ways, for example, you can simply paint it green with washable paint.

We had already painted the flower petals, so we decided to wrap the popsicles with green raffia ribbon to boost our preschooler’s fine development skills!

I did have to apply some dots of glue to keep it together and made sure that my preschooler wasn’t hurt in the process by doing the wrapping around the glue.

You won’t need any more than a few dots of glue.

Additionally, add a little leaf by cutting and gluing green felt paper into tiny leafs.

Building the Flower Pot

Toilet paper roll craft for kids. Let's decorate a flower pot!

For the flower pot, use a toilet paper roll and decorate it however you want to!

We wrapped it in burlap ribbon, similar to the way we wrapped the stem.

Additionally, we glued a circle to the bottom of the toilet paper roll so that the bottom of the flower pot is closed.

Rolling the toilet paper tube over the burlap was extra fun for our preschooler since we are learning about items that roll and items that don’t roll!

Adding Details to the Flowers

Easy egg carton craft for kids, Add decorations to the flower petals.

Use the beads, glitter, and confetti to add details to the center of the flowers.

Glue them with a hot glue gun using tweezers, and let your child choose the combinations!

You can also paint patterns with glitter, or glitter glue in the flower petals.

In these examples, we used confetti bellow beads, and some glitter to create fun patterns.

Assembling the Flowers

Easy egg carton craft for kids. Assemble the flowers by gluing them all together.

Using a hot glue gun, glue the egg carton craft flowers to the popsicle stem to create the complete flowers

We glued them in an angle so thay the petals were slightly pointing upwards.

The Flower Egg Carton Craft

Easy egg carton flower for kids. place the flowers inside the flower pot.

Place the flowers in the flower pot and there you have it!

Your very own egg carton flowers that don’t need water!

It’s a beautiful craft and the perfect gift for moms!

It’s a Wrap

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Easy Egg Carton Flower Craft for Kids