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10 Must-Have Halloween Books for Toddlers and Young Children to Get the Cutest Spook!

10 Must-Have Halloween Books for Toddlers and Young Children to Get the Cutest Spook!

There’s no better way to get into the seasonal mood than by reading! Whenever we are close to Halloween, I never miss out on reading my 2-year-old any of our favorite Halloween books for toddlers.

I find them creative, educational, and funny. And so does my son!

As a great plus, they are full of Halloween Costume ideas!

Here are our top Halloween books for toddlers.

Best Halloween Books for Toddlers

How to Scare a Ghost – By Jean Reagan and Lee Wildish

In order to scare a ghost, you have to find one first!

This book is full of scary humor, and gorgeous art! Instant classic!

It guides our youngest ones into Halloween’s great traditions: Decorating, Pumpkin carving, and scaring!

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin – by Tad Hills

Duck and Goose are off to find a pumpkin for Halloween, they look for it everywhere.

Inside a hollow log, in the leaf pile, in the apple tree…

We have the large board book version, which has been super useful for Halloween-themed storytime

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

What was I Scared Of? – by Dr. Seuss

Ah… Dr. Seuss. We love Dr. Seuss! This book teaches the concept of fear and how to deal with it. We always read it around Halloween, which makes it one of our classic Halloween books for toddlers.

It’s about the captivating and fun story of a narrator who is afraid of his pants… and his pants are afraid of him!

This particular version has a glow-in-the-dark feature for some Halloween slight spookiness!

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

There’s a Monster in Your Book – by Tom Fletcher

This hilarious story is about a monster, who is in your book! It gives instructions on what to do to make it go away.

While the monster nibbles on the pages and destroys your book!

It’s a great use of breaking the 4th wall since you actually feel part of the story. And it’s lots of fun trying to blow him away! We can stay on that page for hours while Ollie laughs and blows.

You have to shake the book, tickle the monster… do all sorts of stuff to get him out of your book.

It’s just so much fun.

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin – by Margaret McNamara, and G. Brian Karas

Charlie, the smallest kid in his class, has to guess with his classmates which pumpkin has the most seeds. Is it the biggest one, the medium one, or the smallest one?

Ollie is nowhere near the educational concepts of this book. But its metaphor makes me shed tears every time.

I’m a preemie mom, and my preemie baby is the smallest one in his class. He’s smaller than children who are almost a year younger than him.

In the book, the children are surprised to see that the smallest pumpkin has the most seeds.

It’s just as the book puts it: “Small things have a lot going on inside of them.”

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

Room on the Broom  – by Julia Donaldson

This is the fun story of a witch who is riding her broom with her cat, and her hat falls. A puppy gets her hat, and she takes her new friend with her on the broom. Then, her bow falls…

You get the rest… She’s making friends along the way, and she wants them all on her broom. But I don’t think there’s room in the broom for everybody… do you?

I highly recommend that you buy the board book version, which maintains its original content. There’s an “Americanized” version, but it’s less hilarious. Although equally adorable.

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin – by Sonali Fry and Sanja Rescek

“The itsy bitsy pumpkin rolls down a spooky street. He passed a ghoulish ghost and a stinky goblin’s feet.”

Did you sing that?

Yes, us too. And since Oliver loves to sing so much, he just can’t get enough of this book!

The itsy bitsy pumpkin finds a witch to help him get back to its parents. It’s just the cutest side of Halloween, and it’s one of our must-haves Halloween books for toddlers.

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

The Roll-Away Pumpkin – by Junia Wonders, and Daniel Volpari

Marla Little has a giant pumpkin that rolls away. And the whole village helps ger stop it!

The illustrations are beautiful. The sentences repeat themselves to make it easier for toddlers. And the book has hidden seasonal magic in it.

It has a cute ending, everyone is enjoying having to catch the runaway pumpkin. This tale has that you-know-what of a good children’s book.

And so it’s one of our Halloween classics.

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything – by Linda Williams, and Megan Lloyd

This is a cute story with tons of SHAKE, SHAKE, WIGGLE, WIGGLE.

There’s a woman who’s absolutely determined not to be scared… even though a pair of shoes is trying to scare her, and some pants, and a shirt, and a pumpkin head!

The little old lady has a clever solution to her… ehm… scary problem!

This is not only one of the classic Halloween books for toddlers, but it’s also a teacher’s recommended must-have in every child’s library!

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

One, Two… Boo – by Kristen L. Depken, and Claudine Gevry

Before I say anything about this book, I’ll warn you. This is the most controversial choice on this list.

The quality of the book is poor, it’s full of flaps that kids can lift. But the flaps can be easily ripped off. So why am I recommending you a book that’s not sturdy?

Because Oliver loves it. It’s one of the books he reads the most! And if he likes it, I like it. Flaps broke and everything! I have heard this opinion about this book everywhere… so we just carry tape around to fix it whenever Ollie accidentally rips it.

It’s a cute book, that shows Halloween typical characters and has a bit of a counting educational component.

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

That’s a Wrap

There you have it. My 9 favorite Halloween books for toddlers plus… Ollie’s favorite (definitely not mine!)

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