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Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids: 10 Easy Projects to Craft Together

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids: 10 Easy Projects to Craft Together

Here are some beautiful Mother’s Day crafts for kids that you can make together, or give as a gift to mom!

Every day is special for moms, but if you’re looking for crafts for Mother’s Day that are easy to make with kids, look no further!

You can craft these with things you probably already have around the house, or with recycled materials.

Here are my top Mother’s Day crafts for kids.

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

East egg carton and toilet paper flower craft for kids!

You’ll only need an empty egg carton for the flowers, popsicles for the stem, toilet paper roll for the flower pot, and lots of imagination!

This is one of the most creative, easy, lasting, and beautiful Mother’s Day crafts for kids that you can make with your child.

You can find the instructions in this post.

I also created this story pin to guide you through the process!

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Mother’s Day Coloring Page & Card

Paint this adorable DIY Mother's Day card and surprise mom with a lovely keepsake
Image courtesy of Where The Smiles Have Been

Just paint this lovely Mother’s Day card!

Print, get your crayons ready, and let your imagination fly by painting and decorating these cards for mom!

You can find the free printable in Christine’s blog by clicking here.

Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Art Project, make beautiful cards for moms!
Image by On My Kids Plate

This is much more than one of our Mother’s Day crafts for kids, it’s also a science experiment, and the result can be used on any occasion!

With just some crayons and a picture, you’ll be able to create the perfect rainbow rain!

Find out how to make it in Kristy’s blog by clicking here.

Mom’s Emergency Relief Kit

Mom's Emergency Relief Kit: Pamper your mom with this chocolate care kit that makes the perfect thorughtful gift for mother's day
Image by Moms and Munchkins

This is a super thoughtful gift for moms!

A chocolate emergency care package that contains what most moms need: The ingredients for the perfect mental care day!

See how you can put it together in Moms and Munchkins by clicking here.

Handprint Cactus Mother’s Day Card

Beautiful cactus handprint craft. Perfect gift for moms, and perfect activity for preschoolers!
Image by Simple Everyday Mom

This is one of the most adorable Mother’s Day crafts for kids you can make, it’s a handprint keepsake!

Let your imagination fly decorating and painting the card, and get a lovely craft to keep in your desk!

Go to Simple Everyday Mom to find out how to make it!

Mother’s Day Bookmark Card

Beautiful water color project craft for Mother's day
Image by Projects with Kids

This easy craft, with beautiful results, can be repurposed to almost any occasion, but it sure is an adorable gift for moms in Mother’s Day!

With some art materials, you’ll be able to learn about colors while you paint these amazing cards and bookmarks with your child!

The instructions to the Mother’s Day Bookmark Card can be found in Angela’s blog.

Mother’s Day Craft Flowers

Easy flower art project for toddlers and preschoolers! Flower bouquet for moms!
Image by Families Magazine

This Mother’s Day craft is simple to put together, making it perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!

With just a little adult supervision, your child can make this flower bouquet that will never need water, but always breath love!

Find the instructions in Families Magazine by clicking here.

Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft

Simple pipe cleaner flower DIY project for toddlers and preschoolers, beautiful goft for moms!
Image By Mommy Snippets

If you have some pipe cleaner for crafts around the house you can use it for this easy flower craft for Mother’s Day!

All you need is construction paper, pipe cleaners, and a lot of creativity to make this adorable bouquet!

Go to Marina’s blog to learn how to make them!

Handprint Flower Pot

Easy beautiful craft for moms: Handprint flower pot
Image by Lanhan Creations

Among the Mother’s Day crafts for kids on this list, this is probably the one you could find a more practical use for!

It’s easy to make, and it’s a beautiful decoration, just remember to use it for indoor flowers or plants since you don’t want the rain to ruin it over time.

Amy had this great idea, and she documented the process here.

Coloring Pages for Mom and Grandma

Printable coloring pages for kids to give to their moms on Mother's day
Image by This Tiny Blue House

How about Mother’s Day coloring pages for mom and for grandma!

Get your crayons ready and decorate these cute cards, just print, set and go!

Find the free printables in This Tiny Blue House by clicking here.

Cute Button Flowers

Beautiful easy button craft for preschoolers, make the perfect gft for mom!
Image by Making Manzanita

These are beautiful tags that you can print for free and attach to any flower pot!

Additionally, you can also create these lovely button flowers and decorate your house or desk with this amazing creation!

Chelsea from Making Manzanita unveils here secret to making these.

It’s a Wrap

Have you tried any of these?

Let us know in the comments below!

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This list of Mother's Day crafts for kids  is easy to make, and you'll get beautiful keepsakes made by your own child!