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The Ultimate Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist

The Ultimate Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist

You want to have your pregnancy hospital bag ready on time. But you also want to make sure that everything you need is in there. And that there’s nothing more than what you need.

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to put together the perfect pregnancy hospital bag for you, your husband, your baby, and your baby scrapbook! It’s valid for C-sections and Natural births.

And it applies to any kind of weather as well!

It is reasonable to start building your hospital back by week 25, that way you’ll have more than a month to chase everything you really need. By week 30 you’ll have it ready and by your door!

So, without further ado, here’s my perfect pregnancy hospital bag checklist.

Be prepared for the big day with this comprehensive guide to packing the perfect hospital bag! Take care of your family by getting ready! Filled with items for your newborn baby, the new mom, and the new dad!
Practical, complete, perfect! Don't forget to pack the ideal bag for the big day! Filled with items for your newborn baby, the new mom, and the new dad!
Get ready for the big day with this comprehensive checklist of items you definitely need in your hospital bag! Take care of your newborn baby, the new dad, and the new mom with all of these items!


Pack the perfect pregnancy hospital bag on time, that way you'll have everything you need to welcome your little one!

Don't forget these items for your pregnancy hospital bag! You, your husband, and your baby will have everything you need in that handy hospital bag!
Keep your pregnancy hospital bag updated in time! This is the only guide you'll ever need to put together your items to welcome your baby!
Having a baby is hard enough, don't forget anything at home with the ultimate pregnancy hospital bag guide!
Be ready to welcome your baby! Have your pregnancy hospital bag ready on time. You'll see everything you need for you, your baby and your husband! (And, a couple of things for keepsake as well!)
Be ready to welcome your baby! Have your pregnancy hospital bag ready on time. You'll see everything you need for you, your baby and your husband! (And, a couple of things for keepsake as well!)
Be ready to welcome your baby! Have your pregnancy hospital bag ready on time. You'll see everything you need for you, your baby and your husband! (And, a couple of things for keepsake as well!)

Be ready to welcome your baby! Have your pregnancy hospital bag ready on time. You'll see everything you need for you, your baby and your husband! (And, a couple of things for keepsake as well!)

Pregnancy Hospital Bag For the Mom-to-Be:

Most of what’s going in that bag are for the mom-to-be. After all, you’re the one that gets to have a baby, so you’ll get most of the space!


Here are the absolute essentials, you’ll see the nice to have’s later in this section. Make sure you get these well packed and on time!


Can you believe that when I went in for my C-Section, we had completely forgotten to play that month’s insurance?

My husband was missing in action for a bit there, and it turns out he was getting our insurance paid! I was already in the hospital! You’d think that bringing your paperwork should go without saying!

Don’t forget your ID, birth plan, and hospital paperwork! I’m putting this under the mom-stuff section, but what most couples do is leaving this to the husband.

After all, women are focused on actually having the baby!

(So, yes, it was my husband who forgot to pay, but I love him so much I decided to share the blame for a bit there!)

Cell Phone and Charger

Don’t forget your phone and charger!

We bought a spare charger to keep in the bag, just to make extra sure we would absolutely bring it to the hospital.

Warm Socks

Normally. hospitals aren’t cold, but feet do tend to get chilly during and after labor, or when recovering from a C-Section!

I love these from Amazon, they are warm wool winter socks, and very similar to the ones I packed in my own pregnancy hospital bag:

Maternity Bras and Nursing Pads

Even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding, it’s a great idea to bring maternity bras and nursing pads, they are super comfy, and your breasts will probably be sore getting ready to produce milk.

You may not need the nursing pads at all since it’s uncommon for women to leak during the first couple of days after their babies are born. But it’s not unheard of, and you’ll feel more comfortable being extra protected.

Don’t stock the whole box of nursing pads, though, just 3 or 4 pairs will be more than enough!

You can find great brands on Amazon, here are my favorites:

Travel sized toiletries

Most hospitals will provide toiletries for a few days, so you may want to ask beforehand what you need to bring.

However, for longer hospital stays, or just in case, don’t forget the usual. Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant, Hairbrush, Toothpaste, Soap, and lotion.

I highly recommend having this in their travel-sized form!

You’ll feel overwhelmed with everything that’s going to happen, and having a giant shampoo bottle in your bag is hardly going to help!

Here’s a handy kit with all you need:

Clothing for the occasion

Yes, I’m not saying bring gown, or comfy pants, or what not. You know what’s comfortable for you.

Talk with your doctor about your specific situation, and choose what’s right for you.

I didn’t bring gowns to my C-section, I brought a comfortable, high-fitting pair of sweatpants.

Since I was going to need to pump in a room with a lactation consultant, I wasn’t a fan of completely stripping down in front of other mommies.

Don’t overdo it, though.

You’ll probably sweat a lot, so 4 light clothing outfits should do for a 3-day stay.

Don’t forget your coming home clothes, which can be the same ones you wear when you arrive at the hospital.

Disposable, Absorbent, Underpants

Most hospitals will have disposable underpants for you. But I’ll never regret bringing my own, plus 4 super comfy, super cheap throw away maternity underpants.

They are cozy, big, and you won’t care about them when you’ve ruined them right after labor or C-Section.

You can get these in Amazon.

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

If you need them, don’t forget your eyeglasses and their case. And, your pair of contact lenses, with their case and solution.

Eyeglasses can be uncomfortable during labor, or they can get foggy, so contact lenses aren’t a bad idea if you already use them.

Trust me. You won’t want to miss a thing!

Nipple Cream

Your nipples can get sore while breastfeeding. Even if you’re not planning to breastfeed, they can get sore just because your breasts are starting to produce milk.

It’s cruel, it’s painful, it’s solvable.

With nipple cream! Lots and lots of nipple cream.

I particularly like Earth Mama’s Organic nipple butter because it’s the best I’ve seen for your newborn’s tummy:

Lip Balm

Get these on Amazon.

You don’t want cracked lips to add to your discomfort!

Slip-on Slippers or No-skid Socks

Make sure it’s extra easy to put them on!

You’ll need them when walking the halls in the hospital or around your room.

Optional but Useful

A dressing gown, or a warm t-shirt or sweater for labor

Didn’t we cover clothing? Yes, we did!

But, if you’re planning on a natural birth, a warm something to cover your upper body is a great idea!

Make sure it’s something you don’t really care about because they’ll probably get ruined,

Breastfeeding Pillow

Ok, this is a rather big thing to pack in your bag. But if you have extra space, it’ll help you breastfeed.

Imagine this: you just had your baby, your body is in pain, your breasts are sore, you’re super tired and sleep deprived… and you have to hold your baby to your breast in the perfect latching position.

Sounds impossible?

Well, maybe not, but it’s so freaking hard.

I mean, you’re just getting used to holding your fragile, sweet baby, let alone position her for the perfect latching moment.

The nurses will help you, sure, but your arms will ache, and your back, and you’ll feel happy, and numb.

And somewhere deep down you’ll think: “I wish I had brought the breastfeeding pillow.”

I particularly like My Brest Friend nursing pillow.

Bath Towel

Some hospital towels are super thin and super small.

This wasn’t an issue for me. But in the hospital I was in, the nurses brought a towel at about 10 am, and I was waiting for it since 7 am.

So by our second day, my hubby rushed to get me one from home.

Learn about your hospital’s towel policies beforehand and then you can evaluate whether or not you should bring one.

Snacks, and change for the Vending Machine

If you’re going to get a C-Section, as I did, you won’t be able to eat anything for 24 hours. But bringing snacks is smart even in that case.

Once you get the approval from your doctor, you won’t have to wait for the nurses to bring you the food!

If you’re having a natural birth… well, from what I’ve heard you’ll get super hungry afterward.

Make them healthy, though. Fruits or dried fruits are a great idea.

Remember that your body will be recovering, and, if you’re breastfeeding,  you’ll be passing those nutrients to your little one.

Your Kindle, or a book for light reading

I just can’t live without my Kindle.

If you’re reading, try for something light, like Harry Potter.

Earbuds and Music

To brighten your hospital stay even more.


To sleep through all the hospital noise.

Make sure you don’t wear them when your baby’s sleeping by your side, though, you won’t want to sleep through her cries.

Since I was in the hospital for so long, and in my case, my baby was in the NICU, I used to wear the earplugs so that I could get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.


You know you won’t want to get your hair in your mouth.

Cheap throwaway flipflops

I hate taking showers in bathrooms away from home.

I always have some cheap flipflops so that my feet don’t touch the floor. It could be just me, but if you feel identified, don’t forget those flipflops!

Photos of your other Children

If you have older children about to become big brothers or sisters, bringing family photos to decorate the room is a great idea.

When they get to meet the new member of the family, they’ll be even more reassured that you still love them, too.

For Your Baby:

Being a newborn doesn’t require a whole lot of stuff. However, make sure you bring these along with your newborn treasure

Diapers, cream, and baby wipes

I know most hospitals provide these. But hear me out, it doesn’t hurt to bring a couple of diapers for your baby.

The skin of a baby is super delicate, and it’s possible that they get small allergy reactions from some diaper care brands.

It’s best if you know if the brand you chose will suit your baby right away, in the hospital and under the watchful eye of your baby’s doctor.

So bring your own diapers, even if the hospital provides them, and try them. Make sure they are good for your baby.

We love calendula-based nappy cream- in fact, it’s the one our NICU used on premature babies. We used this Weleda cream and our son rarely got a diaper rash.

Light outfits for the hospital

Bring along a couple of pajamas for your newborn baby.

We got our son’s cutest outfits and pajamas at Carter’s, they have preemie size too.

The coming home outfit

Oh! This is super exciting!

Make sure you have two of them though, with a slight difference in sizes, just in case one of them doesn’t fit.

Warm blankets

To keep your baby warm and cozy when you bring her home.

Approved Infant car seat

Approved and installed! You’ll need it to go back home if you’re driving.

You can get this ErgoBaby model, which is similar to the one we used.

Baby Nail Clippers

Some hospitals don’t provide these, and usually, babies are born with longish nails (I know, weird, right?)

Bringing a nail clipper will protect your little own from scratching her own skin.

This set is perfect for your baby’s nails!

For the Future Dad:

Cellphone and charger

Because you burnt want your partner left without means of contact, Would you?


Probably your husband will be with you during your stay so make sure to bring him shampoo conditioner soap toothbrush you know the Wolf package the whole package

Two or Three changes of clothes

Make sure that these are super coffee since your husband will probably be running errands for you all over the place where helping you with your newborn.


if you need medication for yourself then make sure to let your doctor know since are provided at the hospital but if your partner needs medication you’ll need to bring his meds along because they won’t provide those

His Kindle, books, or movies.

Make sure he has got his whole entertainment package backed with them.

Gifts for your other children

Having a newborn baby may be a difficult time for your other children. So, make sure that they know that they’re still loved and cared for by bringing him extra presents.

Pro tip: Buy something for your newborn baby that your older children can give her as a gift.

For Keepsake:

Your Baby Book!

Bringing a baby book is a super great idea.

The doctors are going to need to take your baby’s footprints when she’s born they can stamp your baby book with the leftover ink.

You’ll have your newborn’s 1st to set of footprints as a keepsake!


Camera, batteries, and SD card. Bring the whole package.

You want to take as many pictures as you possibly can. After all, time flies by so fast!

That’s a Wrap!

Well, there you have it!

Mt ultimate guide to prepping your pregnancy hospital bag. Did I miss something?

Let me know in the comments below!

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