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How to Make Houses from Toilet Paper Rolls for Pretend Play!

How to Make Houses from Toilet Paper Rolls for Pretend Play!

If you’re looking for fun indoor activities to keep your kids busy at home, here’s a recycled toilet paper roll house craft for kids.

These toilet paper roll and egg carton houses are easy to make, and fun to play with!

They can be the homes of your child’s toys, while you pretend play that the toys also need to be in the house. Or reenact classics like the Three Little Piggies.

DIY Easy Toilet paper roll craft - Let's make a house with toilet paper roll and egg carton!

What You’ll Need For This Easy Toilet Paper Roll Craft

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house Materials
  • One Toilet Paper Roll: The toilet paper roll will be the house itself.
  • One egg carton: We’ll make the roof with one egg cup.
  • Paint: It doesn’t need to be acrylic paint, in fact, I prefer a washable, kid-friendly paint so that children are safe to use it. This Crayola set is perfect!
  • Cotton Swabs for details: We have found that cotton swabs promote our child’s pre-writing skills so we are trying to use them in our projects.
  • Hot Glue Gun: It doesn’t have to be super fancy, I like this one because it’s practical and inexpensive!
  • A black sharpie for details. Who doesn’t love sharpies?
  • Silver Pen, for window details. We used a metallic gel pen like this one.
  • Scissors and paintbrushes.

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Craft House

#1 Cut one Egg Cup From the Egg Carton

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house step 1

Before we can really start crafting the toilet paper roll house, we need to cut one egg carton cup from the complete egg carton.

This will make the roof of the house!

Carefully use the scissors to cut it from the egg carton, and don’t worry if it’s not perfect, in fact, there’s beauty in an irregular roof!

#2 Paint the Toilet Paper Roll & the Egg Carton

Choose a base color to paint the toilet paper roll. This will be the base color of the house.

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house step 2: Paint the toilet paper roll

Depending on the color, you may need to paint more than one layer to get a vibrant look. Just remember to let it dry before painting a new layer.

Choose the roof color to paint the egg carton, as with the paper roll, apply as many layers as needed.

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house step 3: Paint the egg carton that will be the roof

After you’re satisfied, leave them to dry.

I prefer to choose colors that contrast against each other for the house and the roof. So, for instance, I avoid combinations like blue and green.

#3 Let’s Make the Windows

While the house and the roof of our toilet paper roll craft are still wet, we can make some progress by making the windows!

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house Making the windows

Draw two circles on the blue construction paper, one for each window.

Use a silver pen to make some reflection details. Just three small lines are more than enough.

With a black sharpie, make some additional window details. I like to make a small bubbly cross to give the aspect of volume.

Use the scissors to cut the windows.

You can make different shapes and patterns on the windows. And of course add as many as you’d like!

#4 Making the door

Once the toilet paper roll is dry, use your scissors to cut a small door to our toilet paper roll craft house.

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house Cutting the door

Be careful, though, don’t cut all the way through! Leave one side intact so that you can open and close the door at will.

It may be difficult to cut with the scissors, so if you find you’re having trouble, you can use a small blade to cut it carefully.

You can make the door completely square, or with a curved archway!

#5 Painting the Door

Before you paint the door, it’s a good idea to protect the base paint so that it doesn’t get stained by the brown paint.

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house painting the door

For this purpose, I like to use washi tape, since it has a soft adhesive. You can also use regular tape, too.

Before you tape over the base paint to protect it, let’s make sure to waste the adhesive in the tape by taping it on our hands over and over again. This will avoid the tape from ruining the blue paint once we remove it from the toilet paper roll.

After the adhesive has been spent, tape over the border of the door, and paint the door with a color of your choice.

Once the door is dry, remove the tape carefully so that the base paint remains intact.

#6 Adding Details

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house adding details

Add some details to the toilet paper roll craft house, get creative!

We added dots by using cotton swabs. Just dip the cotton swab in some paint, and carefully use it to paint over the toilet paper roll.

Using cotton swabs not only helped us with precision, but also with our son’s pre-writing skills!

You can add whichever details you want.

For instance, we also added a line pattern to another house.

To do this, we used some washi tape with the adhesive spent over the base layer of the house and used it as a guide to paint the orange lines.

Get creative!

Once you’re satisfied with the details, leave the toilet paper roll to dry, and let’s get ready to assemble!

#7 Assembling the windows

We’ll glue the windows on the toilet paper roll craft with a hot glue gun.

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house gluing the windows

Before we glue to windows, make sure you’re happy with the placement. Try putting them in different places before you commit to glue them.

I personally like placing them near the doors, it makes the front of the house very obvious and extra fun to play with.,

Once you’te happy with the place, use a tweezer to glue it to the house.

Tweezers will not only help you with the precision but also protect your hands from the hot glue gun since the windows are small, it’s very easy to hurt your fingers when handling them and the glue.

#8 Assembling the roof

Now we are ready to place the roof on top ouf our house!

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house gluing the roof part 1

The roof will be the egg carton cup you painted in the very first step.

To assemble it, you need to apply glue with a glue gun on the top brim of the toilet paper roll and press lightly the egg carton into it until it has been fixed in place.

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house gluing the roof part 2

As you did with the windows before you glue the roof in place make sure you try different positions until you commit to your favorite!

And there you have it! Your toilet paper roll craft is complete!

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house gluing the roof finished result

Some Game Ideas

Now that you have your basic toilet paper roll house, you can get creative and try different patterns.

You can cut the toilet paper roll in half for smaller houses, or use a bigger carton roll for a house or castle!

How to make a toilet paper roll craft house gluing the roof playing with the houses

Once you get your small town ready to play, you can pretend play with your children.

You can reenact the Three Little Piggies, or help them relate to real-life situations, such as if it’s raining outside you can shelter the toys as well.

Video Instructions And Play Time!

We recorded a video making one house and playing with it, you can watch us craft and play here, if you like it, please subscribe to my Youtube channel for more awesome content!

You can also see us playing with the houses!

Subscribe to the Preemie Mom Plays Youtube channel by clicking here.

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It’s a Wrap

There you have it!

A fun recycled project for preschoolers and kids to try during rainy days!

All you need is a toilet paper roll, an egg carton, blue construction paper, a sharpie, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

You need to paint the base color of the toilet paper roll, which will be the house, and the egg carton, which will be the roof.

Once the house is dry, make and paint the door, add some details, cut the windows and assemble!

Have you tried it?

Let me know all about it in the comments!

How to make your own easy recycled toilet paper roll craft house to play with!

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