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Rare and Trending Baby Names for Boys

Rare and Trending Baby Names for Boys

Finding the perfect name for your baby boy can be stressful, or uncertain. So, if you’re looking for inspiration for baby names for boys, you’re in the right place!

You may want a popular name or an original one. Or better, one that’s original but trending!

In the end, it kind of stuck, and it seemed like the perfect name for our little boy.

So, to help you find the one name, here’s a list of the top trending baby names for boys, and the top 5 most popular ones!

The most popular baby names for boys in the United States are Liam, Noah, Oliver, William, and Elijah.

If you’re like me, you might want to know what’s in a name before choosing your baby’s name. Some moms know right away what their baby’s name is going to be, others are not sure what they want.

We were so confused when choosing a name for our son, back in 2016, the name Oliver wasn’t that popular yet, but it was trending. So a good place to start for us was to look for trending baby names and choose one that would fit our boy!

Another big consideration we took back then was to find a name that sounded mostly the same in many languages, we already knew we were going to raise him in a bilingual environment, at the very least, and we wanted his name to be as flexible as possible.

If you’re looking for baby names for girls, here’s a list of rare and trending baby names for girls!


Liam is one of the most popular baby names for boys.

The name Liam has been trending in the UK for the past 40 years, but most recently it has increased its popularity in the United States, reaching the top position in 2018!

Liam means “guardian” or “helmet of will”, it has its origins from the Irish name Uilliam or the Old Germanic William.

Originally it was used as a diminutive, but it stands today as its own name.

In the Old Germanic, William is a combination of “Willa” which means “will” and “helma” which means “helmet”.


Noah is another popular baby name for boys.

Noah is a gender-neutral baby name, but it has been gaining popularity as a name for boys.

It has, of course, biblical origins.

According to the Old Testament, God chooses Noah to build an ark that will survive the flood. Thus, saving himself, his family, and animals of each species from the Great Flood.

Most people believe that the name Noah derives from the Hebrew word nukhu, which means “repose” or “rest”.

Another theory suggests that the name might come from the Hebrew root “nahum” which means “to comfort”.


Oliver is one of the most popular baby names for boys.

My personal favorite :).

The name Oliver became popular after Charles Dickens published Oliver Twist in 1838, and its popularity among baby names for boys has been increasing steadily ever since.

Most people associate the name Oliver with the Olive tree.

The white pigeon carrying an Olive branch is the universal symbol of peace, so the name Oliver has come to mean “peace”.

However, the name has other suspected origins, meaning different things according to said origin.

From the Latin word Oliva, the name Oliver does mean “peace”, coming from the Olive tree and its branches.

But most researchers believe that the true origin of the name comes from a variation of the Scandinavian name Olaf (like Frozen’s Olaf!) which means “Ancestor’s Descendant”, or “Ancestor’s Relic”.

The name Oliver can also refer to “Elf Warrior”, coming from the Old High Germanic Alfhari / Althir.

Now that’s epic!


William another one of the most popular baby names for boys.

Another one of the most popular baby names for boys is William.

It came into use after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 by William the Conqueror.

Liam is the common Irish form of William, and it has the same Old Germanic Origins.

William is a combination of the Old Germanic words will and helma and it literally means “Guardian of the helmet” but it has come to mean “valiant” or “protector”.


Eliyah is one of the most popular baby names for boys.

Elijah is a biblical name that’s been in use ever since the 9th century.

From the Hebrew prophet Eliyyahu, the name Elijah literally means “Yahweh is my God”. It’s also spelled, Elias or Elia.

The name Elijah has been steadily increasing in popularity since 1985 and is now within the top 5 popular baby names for boys in the United States.

Most of the names in this list are rare but have increased wildly in popularity in recent years, if you’re looking for a rare name that’s a rising star, this is the place to go


Sekani is a rare but trending baby boy name.

The name Sekani is a name of African origin that means “laughs”, it’s associated with joy and merriment.

It’s a rare name that in 2019 had a popularity surge, which is why is on our trending list for baby names for boys.


Ermias is a trending name for baby boys.

The name Ermias has also African origin, and it means “God Will Uplift”.


Amias is one of the top trending names for baby boys.

The name Amias may be related to Amadeus, or the male form of the name Amy.

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the origin and meaning of the name Amias, it’s believed it has a Latin origin, meaning “loved”.


Kyro is one of the top trending baby names for boys.

The name Kyro is rare, and its origins and meaning are unclear.

The most suspected origin of the name is a variation of the name Cyrus, which would make it to have a Persian origin, meaning “Sun”.


Ambrose is one of the top trending names for baby boys.

Ambrose comes from the Latin name Ambrosius, which in turn comes from the Greek name Ambrosios.

That’d make the baby name Ambrose of Greek origins, and it means “immortal”.


Aziel is a trending name for baby boys.

The name Aziel is another baby name that’s rare but quickly gaining popularity in the United States.

It has Hebrew origins and it means “God is my strength”.


Eliel is a popular name for baby boys meaning "My God is God".

Eliel is a name of Hebrew origins that means “My God is God”.

The name is formed by two different Hebrew words for God, “Eli” (“My God”), and “El” (“God”).


Seven is another top name for baby boys.

The name Seven means literally The Number Seven, and it’s a unisex name.

In many cultures, the number Seven is lucky or sacred.


Atreus is one of the top trending baby names for boys, meaning "fearless, brave".

Atreus is a baby name of Greek origin that means “fearless, brave”.

In Greek mythology, Atreus was the father of Agamemnon.


Archie, meaning "Truly Brave" is a top trending name for baby boys.

The name Archie is of German origins and it means “Truly brave” or “bold”. It’s been trending even before the royal baby was named Archie!


Salem is a unisex name that's been trending among the baby names for boys, it means "peace".

Salem is a name of Hebrew origin that means peace”.


Banks is a trending name for baby boys, referring to someone that Lived by a river bank.

The name Banks is associated, in English and Scottish, with those who lived by a riverbank or on the slope of a hill.


Azrael is a trending baby name for boys, meaning helped by God.

The name Azrael is of Hebrew origin meaning “Helped by God”.

However, in Jewish and Muslim traditions, Azrael was an archangel, the Angel of Death.


Legacy is trending among baby names for boys, meaning "Inheritance".

The name Legacy is a unisex name with English origins that means “inheritance”.


Colter is a top trending name for baby boys, meaning "Horse".

The name Colder is of Old English origin and it literally means “Colt-herd” it has taken to mean “horse” and thus, metaphorically “Freedom”.


Another top trending baby name for boys is "Malakhi".

The name Malakhi is a name of Hebrew origin and it means “My Messenger”.


Bellamy is a trending name for baby boys, meaning "Handsome Friend".

The boy name Bellamy comes directly from the French “Bell ami”, which literally means “Handsome Friend”.


Baker is a trending name for baby boys, meaning "Occupation of Baker".

The name Baker derives from the Old English occupational surname Baker, which literally means “Occupation of Baker”.

That’s a Wrap

The names of this list are rare but trending baby names for boys.

If you want to find inspiration on trending baby girl names, you can click here for the top trending names for baby girls.

I know that choosing the perfect name is not always easy, but once you see it, you’ll know it!

All in all, good luck mama!

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