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Baby Checklist: The Ultimate Guide for Practical Moms

Baby Checklist: The Ultimate Guide for Practical Moms

Registering for your baby can be overwhelming, putting together a baby checklist as a first-time mom is an exciting but uncertain process.

If you’re wondering what to get for your baby, and where to register, read on!

When I was pregnant I knew that my son would arrive early and I couldn’t walk around doing much shopping, so I did everything online and skimmed my list to the absolute basics!

This list is separated into sections, and I included items that I find absolutely essential, plus some nice to have.

Get every item you need for your baby checklist with this practical guide for new and experienced mommies!
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Baby Checklist: Clothing

You don’t want to overdo your clothing items, babies grow up very fast and at different rates, so it’s best to stick with the absolute basics until your baby is born and you know their weight and size, as well as their growth rate.

Baby Checklist: Clothing


8 Onesies: 4 short-sleeved and 4 long-sleeved.

Onesies should have flaps in the shoulders so that they are easy to wear and snap on the crotch for diaper changes.

4 Shirts.

Preferably cotton shirts to use before your newborn baby’s cord falls off (approximately 2 weeks).

4 pants

They should be something comfortable like baby leggings.

4 One-piece pajamas

Simple footed pajamas with a complete zipper on the front.

A couple of cute outfits

Including the coming home outfit, you should have a couple of super cute outfits for outings and photo sessions, but keep in mind that your newborn will grow quickly out of them.

2 Sweaters or jackets, you may need more if your baby is born in winter.

If your baby is born during winter, you may need more. Look for jackets or sweaters that zip-up on the front.

8 Pairs of socks.

Your baby won’t need shoes until she starts walking, but she’ll need cute, comfy socks for daily wear!

A couple of newborn hats

Remember that babies shouldn’t wear hats when they are sleeping, so a couple of hats should be more than enough.

A pair of no-scratch mittens

You’ll find that your newborn hands tend to go to her face, and she may leave tiny scratches when she’s angry. It’s useful to get a pair of no-scratch mittens and use them only during fussy hours.

Baby laundry detergent

Baby detergents are tailored for your baby’s soft skin, they are free from dyes, fragrances, brighteners, and are hypoallergenic.

A Note to Preemie Parents

Wait until your baby is born before buying any clothes for premature babies. Preemies often don’t wear any clothing for the first days or weeks, and preemie sizes vary depending on the brand.

Baby Checklist: Diapering

Here’s a challenge you know you’ll be facing: diapering!

Having all the right stuff will make it or break it!

If you have everything you need, you won’t have any trouble at all when changing your newborn baby’s diaper!

As with the clothes, don’t buy too many diapers before your baby is born. It’s best to wait until you know your baby’s size and growth rate.

Wondering what to expect with baby poop? Check out my complete baby poop guide here!

Baby Checklist: Diapering


A Changing Pad to use on top of your dresser or bed, or a Changing Table. Make sure it has rails so that it’s safe for your newborn baby.

If you go for a changing pad, you can use it on top of a dresser or even your bed. Whichever choice you make, it needs to be safe for your little one

A box of Baby Wipes, unscented.

In the purse of every mom, there’s a pack of baby wipes, for a good reason!

2 tubes of Diaper Cream.

We used calendula based diaper cream with amazing results on our premature boy’s sensitive skin in preventing and treating rashes.

Diaper Pail

At first, we didn’t own a diaper pail, and after just one week home we got one! They seem unnecessary but once you see how often you’ll need to change a diaper you’d wish you had a comfortable place to keep them.

If you plan on using disposable diapers

Two large boxes of newborn size diapers

Don’t overbuy diapers, you’ll want to see how the size and brand adjust to your new baby.

If you’re planning to use reusable cloth diapers

Check out the Complete and Practical Guide to Cloth Diapers

5 dozen reusable diapers

You want to have enough diapers to keep a clean stack without having to do laundry every day.

12 Cloth diaper covers

Cloth diaper covers are water-resistant and are made for keeping your baby’s clothes dry, you’ll typically need to change your baby’s diaper clothes once every 8 hours or so.

Cloth diaper inserts

Inserts are meant to be stuffed into cloth diapers as absorbents.

Nice to Have

A diaper bag

Ideally, you’ll need a diaper bag for when you’re out and about. Although you can fit everything into a regular bag, it won’t be as comfortable.

Baby Checklist: Nursery

You want the nursery to be as perfect as possible for your little miracle, but also a safe environment where she can sleep peacefully (and, by extension, so can you)

Baby Checklist: Nursery Essentials


Baby Monitor

The secret to our sleep as premature parents taking our boy home from the NICU was our baby monitor. We got the OwletCare to track our baby’s vitals through the night.

Crib or Basinet

Typically, new moms keep a bassinet in their rooms, where their newborns can sleep safe and sound.

3 fitted sheets

Your baby’s sheet should adjust seamlessly into your baby’s mattress so that there is no loose fabric in the bassinet or crib while your baby sleeps.

A firm, flat mattress

Your baby’s mattress should be flat, firm and fit snugly into her crib or bassinet. The gap between the edges of the mattress and the bassinet or crib should be no bigger than one finger.

A dresser

You’ll need a place to put all your baby’s cute outfits in.

Nice to Haves

A mobile toy for the crib

Our mobile was in a high-contrast colored pattern for our newborn’s eyes, and it helped him with his development. If you’re wondering about the best toys for your baby’s brain, check out this article.

Baby Checklist: Feeding

Whether you’re planning on breastfeeding or formula feeding, you need to have all the essentials to feed your baby!

Baby Checklist: Feeding Essentials


5 milk bottles (4oz)

Make sure the bottles have a low flow, and that they are anti-reflux for your baby’s comfort. Additionally, buy only four until you understand which brand will work best for your baby.

A bottle brush

A brush specialized for cleaning bottles is the best utensil to clean your baby’s bottles.

8 Bibs

You’ll need lots of bibs to protect your baby’s clothes.

8 Burp Cloths

And you’ll need burp clothes to protect your own clothes!

If you’re thinking about breastfeeding

A breast pump

If you’re a preemie mom, consult with your hospital if you can rent or borrow a hospital-grade electric pump.

Milk storage bags

You won’t want to throw away the precious milk you pump, so using sterilized breast milk storage bags is a good idea. Get a couple of packs until you know how much milk you’ll be pumping.

Nipple cream

Your nipples will need to be cared for while breastfeeding, so apply nipple cream after every breastfeeding or pumping session to prevent cracks.

Nursing pads

Nursing pads are useful to prevent breast milk leakage that could stain your clothes.

If you are formula feeding


You can ask for a pre-natal appointment with your baby’s future pediatrician to learn which formula he or she recommends for newborns, but you shouldn’t get more than one pack before your baby is born.

Nice to haves

Baby feeding pillow

A baby feeding pillow will make your breastfeeding position much more comfortable and help your baby latch to your breast.

Bottle warmer

The benefits of having a bottle warmer are that it will save you some time and it will warm your baby’s milk to a safe temperature.

Bottle sterilizer

You’ll be sterilizing your bottles a lot, having a sterilizer will, again, save you some time, and help you maintain good bottle hygiene.

Baby Checklist: Bathtime

Although you probably won’t be giving your baby long baths at first, it’s best to stock up on the bath essentials before your baby arrives to be ready for all the bubbly bath quality time!

Baby Checklist: Bath Time


Baby Bath Tub with an adapter for newborn

Baby bathtubs are too big for newborns, so you should additionally get an adapter for newborns where you can safely put your baby while you give him or her a bath.

Baby Shampoo And Body Soap

We used the standard Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo and body wash.


Keep a few soft washcloths exclusively for giving your newborn warm baths.

4 baby hooded towels

It’s best that your baby has her own towels, the baby hooded towels come in the perfect size for little ones.

Nice to have

Baby bath thermometer

Having a thermometer for the water will help you keep it at a safe temperature for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby Checklist: Grooming

Caring for your newborn will be a dream come true! Except for the nail clipping! Make sure you get all safe items for baby grooming!

Baby Checklist: Grooming


Cradle cap comb

Baby brush

Baby nail clipper

Baby nail file

Some times, your baby’s nails will have sharp edges that can harm her but are too short for the clipper, this is where the file comes into play.

Baby Checklist: First Aid Kit

Check what’s appropriate for your baby’s first aid kit with your pediatrician, and never self medicate your baby. Here’s a list of what babies’ first aid kits usually contain.

Baby Checklist: First Aid Kit


A syringe as medicine dispenser

Infant Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol) is safe to give to your baby from 12 weeks of age. However, always consult with your pediatrician before giving any medicine to your baby.

Nasal Aspirator

Baby Thermometer

The most practical is the digital thermometer with ear and forehead function, you’ll see your baby’s temperature almost immediately by putting the thermometer close to his forehead.

Baby Checklist: Gear

Baby Checklist: Gear

Gear up for your baby!

You want to make sure you get all the right items for the time your baby comes home!


Infant car seat

You need a safe infant seat that adjusts to your newborn’s size and weight, but also that has the capability to grow with your baby.

Baby carrier

Babywearing is practical, you’ll get to keep your baby close to you and your hands free to do stuff around the house or to go grocery shopping.


Lightweight and heavy stroller blankets

Play Mat

A playmat will be essential for tummy time! You’ll need lots of tummy time with your baby to guide his development. You can read more about your baby’s development here.

Bunting Bag

Nice to Haves

Baby Swing

Newborn baby toys

Start a Baby Registry

The most practical way of getting all your essentials is by building a baby registry for your family, friends, and yourself to complete!

I absolutely love Amazon’s baby registry, it’s easy, practical, universal, and it has a few unique pluses.

Baby Checklist: making a baby registry

Welcome Surprise Box

They’ll send you a box of baby goodies worth 35$ that can include diapers, wipes, or coupons!

Easy to Include Items

It’s super easy to include items in your registry, from any site!

Amazon has a very complete selection of baby products, though, and you can see the ratings of each one of them!

Completion Discount

If you don’t get every item on your registry, Amazon offers you a 10% discount (15% if you’re a Prime member) of the items that are left in your baby checklist!

Group Gifting

Your family and friends can get together and pitch in to buy those bigger items!

Start Your Amazon Baby Registry

You can start your own Amazon baby registry today for free by clicking here.

That’s a Wrap

There you have it, all the essentials you’ll need for your baby checklist!

Plus, a practical and easy way of adding them to a registry!

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